Simple Interest calculator - Interest charged on Loan

Simple Interest = PxIxN it is calculated by multiplying interest rate with principal amount and time. this is a most common form of calculations used for loans etc, this online simple interest calculator is great tool to aid your calculations

Simple Interest calculator

  • Select what you want to calculate then enter the values in the respective rows and click find.
    Say if you want to calculate SI enter the values for P,R and T.

  • I want to calculate

  • Principal or Sum [P]

  • Rate % per Annum [R]

  • Time [T]

  • Simple Interest [S.I.]


Formula for finding Simple Interest(SI):
   SI [Interest] = (P×R×T)/100
   P [sum] = (SI×100)/(R×T)
   R [Rate/year] = (SI×100)/(P×T)
   T [Time] = (SI×100)/(P×R)
where S.I. = Simple Interest, P = Principal or Sum of amount, R = % Rate per annum, T = Time Span